Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Wigan points deduction tonight

Richard Cawley of the SLP reports that Wigan's 12 point deduction will be enforced immediately after the conclusion of tonight's games.

The administrators have cancelled a press conference that was just about to start to announce the preferred bidder for the club.

Wigan are currently 10 point ahead of Charlton.

Prospective owner Andrew Barclay has tweeted: 'I wish Lee Bowyer and the team all the best for the game at Leeds this evening. Whatever the outcome, our interest in acquiring The Valley, Training Ground and Club remains.'

VOTV editor Rick Everitt tweeted: 'It's worth underlining this point. Farnell says Barclay hasn't progressed matters. They signed an NDA weeks ago, but report Farnell hasn't supplied a single document. Yet CF is seeking to undermine Barclay with nonsense about AB/PV's intentions.'

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