Wednesday, 8 July 2020

'Big Dog' tries to get answers from the EFL

Trying to get information from the EFL is like getting blood from a stone and even Richard Cawley of the SLP makes little progress.

He tweeted: 'Contacted the EFL earlier this week about the latest on Charlton Athletic's ownership. They say they cannot comment on the change of control at any club and that there is no update at this stage.'

Cawley added: 'I'd asked if there had been any response from them regarding the owners + directors test and the source and sufficiency of funds. Paul Elliott said that an application had been made for EFL approval.'

He continued, 'My understanding is that the EFL are expecting a figure between £15m-17m to be available to cover the club's running costs for the next couple of seasons.'

It would be nice to know from whom as the club badly needs some stability.

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