Monday, 6 July 2020

Little chance for Charlton at the Honeypot

Hull and Boro did Charlton a favour by losing yesterday and we have to hope that Millwall can beat Boro at the Toolbox on Wednesday.

People say we shouldn't rely on the results of other teams, but you can't ignore them when you are in a relegation dogfight.   Luton play Barnsley on Tuesday and the best result for us would be a 0-0 with two players sent off from each side.

The Bees are currently making football honey as they eye occupying their new stadium as a Premier League club.  This preview forecasts a 3-0 defeat for Charlton:

Shell shocked supremo Lee Bowyer went to watch them and now reckons they are on a par with Leeds in terms of quality:

I can't see our defence holding out for 100 minutes and I doubt whether we will score, but 1-0 with a goal in time added on seems more likely.  If we get a point I will be over the moon.

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