Monday, 27 July 2020

EFL wants to know more

The EFL has written to Charlton asking for more information on the takeover and a meeting with the club:

There is an undertone of exasperation in the statement which indicates that the EFL's patience is running out.

A similar statement was made to Bury at the same stage in their demise.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has tweeted: 'On balance I still think the ESI game is to ransom Charlton to the highest bidder while keeping the money away from Southall. There seem to be a number of interested parties. It’s a dangerous game because the Duchatelet deal is a serious liability.'

'Also important that they have little or no skin in the game, so the risk is all ours. I expect they can recover any loan cash put in from transfer income if they don’t pull it off.'

The Ramsgate-based fan stated: 'One man who might take a hit from Charlton going under is Duchatelet because the (unmet balance of the) £7m ex-director loans falls back on him. So he might do a deal, just not with PV/AB out of spite. But they have the money. Do others?'

He added, 'If they can keep the ball in play it may not matter to Farnell/Elliott if they never get 
EFL approval, providing they are confident they can sell the club on before the clock runs out.' Sources away from the Isle of Thanet suggest that the chances of Charlton starting the campaign in September are less than 10 per cent. CAS Trust look at the parallels with what happened to Bury here:

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