Monday, 17 August 2020

Barclay bid off

Peter Varney has issued a long statement on Twitter saying that Roland has refused to engage in any meaningful way with Andrew Barclay and therefore his bid is off, although he does not rule out re-engaging if circumstances change.

Duchatelet has a long history of treating Varney with contempt.  Andrew Barclay himself has praised Peter Varney's involvement and says that they worked hard for six months to find a solution.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt tweeted: 'Remains my view that the Barclay/Varney approach was the best one for CAFC. Andrew Barclay has behaved professionally and therefore deserves respect. There are various people in/around the club who set out to poison his chances.'

The Rickster added: 'Murray will now try to climb aboard the Sandgaard bandwagon clutching a copy of the fantasy peninsula prospectus. We need to make very clear to Thomas Sandgaard that as CAFC fans we want Murray nowhere near influence in the club ever again.'

Fully agree, Murray Mints is damaged goods as far as most fans are concerned.

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