Wednesday 12 August 2020

Farnell terminated

Chris Farnell has been terminated as Charlton's solicitor, reports Richard Cawley of the SLP.  Reflecting the shock of Charlton fans at this news, Jimmy Seed tweeted: 'So sorry to hear that Chris Farnell has been terminated a Charlton’s solicitor, after all he’s done for the club. That must mean Dave Jones won’t be joining the Charlton family. Terrible shame!'

Rick Everitt tweeted: 'Removing Farnell from the club was a key step, but we need clarity that the sale of ESI to Elliott and others has now been abandoned. It was reportedly dependent on EFL approval but there have been some suggestions recently wasn’t the case.'

The VOTV editor added: 'The court proceedings in Manchester, Companies House and the version given to the EFL all support the view the deal was contingent.'

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