Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Current owners won't bring in Jones

The current board at The Valley will not bring in Dave Jones and have backed Bowyer and Gallen: https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/current-charlton-athletic-board-wont-bring-in-dave-jones-as-they-back-gallen-and-bowyer/

Article author Richard Cawley notes: 'The key thing - and it's mentioned in the piece - is that Jones still very likely to arrive if the EFL ruling is overturned or the new version of ESI is approved.'

Tweeting from his new base of operations on Ramsgate main beach, VOTV editor Rick Everitt commented: 'Nimer, Mihail and Florica - the three CAFC directors – have now taken a public stand against ESI2 by rejecting Dave Jones' appointment. This is the first instalment of the ownership drama and they are the good guys in this episode, to be clear.'

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