Friday, 14 August 2020

Danish multi-millionaire swoops for Charlton

Danish multi-millionaire, now a US citizen, Thomas Sandgaard wants to buy Charlton, but he is having trouble getting Roland to take him seriously:

The maker of medical devices commented: I found that Charlton is, for me, probably the biggest potential of the clubs out there that need to be sold. They are London-based, which I prefer. The fanbase and history gives this club so much potential.'

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has tweeted: 'Confident that Sandgaard is a clean pair of hands in this - had never approached ESI and doesn’t have connections to any of the villains, but he’s had no official access to CAFC. Bit early to say he is a genuine contender but he’s credible.'

He added, 'Have confirmed that Peter Varney has met Thomas Sandgaard in the last month or so, which was as a favour to someone at Joma, CAFC's former kit supplier, although for a more general chat about English football. He is not representing him, however.'

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