Friday 7 August 2020

EFL reject Elliott as owner

The application for Charlton to be transferred to new owners headed by Paul Elliott has been refused with three individuals found to have a disqualifying condition in terms of the Owners' and Directors' Test.  It is believed that one of the other persons was Chris Farnell.

The third person was Andrei Mihail.   The club has launched an appeal against two of the decisions.  It is believed that the decision was based on a technicality.

The future for the club is uncertain but the EFL may well come to the view that expulsion is the only way to resolve what are seen as deeply rooted problems at the club.

Meanwhile disagreeable Charlton supporters appear to have confronted lawyer Chis Farnell in his office in Hale. Apparently they burst in after a lady supporter arrived at the door with flowers for a staff member.

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