Friday 26 February 2016

CARD urge season ticket ban

CARD are urging fans not to renew their season tickets: Season tickets

Many fans have already decided not to renew. I will be renewing. I want to go on watching league football and I am not going to support another club. I can't subsist on a diet of non-league football.

The advantage of having a season ticket is that I sit with people I know and I do not have the hassle of buying tickets on a match by match basis.

CARD have urged fans to wait until July before buying, although I am not sure why this date has been selected. I don't think that the regime are going anywhere anytime soon so each individual fan has to decide whether to renew.


Stuart McRae said...

Like you I will be renewing. I think the emphasis on a delay is to force the owner to give up and sell to a potential out there brokered by Vardy. Maybe completely wrong but just my own thoughts.

Malcolm said...

I have to disagree with you slightly Wynn, I have been a season ticket holder for many years, but I wont be next season, I will buy a ticket if - I decide to go to a match next season.

I will not give this clueless owner an excuse to use my season ticket in false attendance figures each home game, if C.A.R.D suggested boycotting a match then I am prepared to do that, I am a Charlton fan, but I will do whatever within the law to get rid of this unpleasent lot, however long it takes.

Unknown said...

Stuart Mcrae ....presumably you meant to refer to (Peter) Varney but of course a few goals "brokered" by Vardy signed on loan from Lecester City would come in handy !