Friday 19 February 2016

Changes to financial fair play a disaster, says Roland

Roland Duchatelet has said that the changes made to financial fair play were a disaster: Disaster

No doubt he is right in the sense that they wrecked his whole strategy. However, either he or Katrien Meire (a competition lawyer) might have anticipated that they would succumb to a legal challenge and/or political pressure.

Roland also says that any future owner of Charlton is likely to be from China or Qatar rather than England.


Kentish Man said...

I think a lot of people would struggle to take issue with what RD says. Football is a bubble economy waiting to burst: but at present the bubble seems to be inflating very happily. The one point I'd make is he need not have waited till we were bottom of the Championship before realising that some sort of communication with the customers, sorry, fans, would be a good idea.

Thame Addick said...

The next owner from China or Qatar. Anything is better then you!

Unknown said...

It is evident that many clubs in The Championship (aka Division 2) are chasing the rainbow of The Premiership (aka Division 1) and some with the assistance of so called "parachute money". Clearly RD and KM were not streetwise in their judgement on this issue. If ever the financial fair play rules were to be strictly enforced they would be subject to legal challenges. Also note that "club debts" can be converted into other forms so as to comply with the rules !
I'm afraid RD view on this and his management of the club generally is reminiscent of Mr Macawber...."something will always turn up !" It won't !