Thursday 4 February 2016

From the Ramsgate direction

The thud of an ancient printing press, accompanied by oaths and curses, has been heard from 92 Valley Road, Ramsgate this week as the latest Voice of the Valley went into production.

Editor Rick Everitt has revealed details of the new contributors and they include fellow blogger Chicago Addick from Bermuda and Darryl Chamberlain, one time blogger of 'All Quiet in the West Stand' and inventor of the term 'Rickshaw': Contents of new issue

I have to express a slight sense of disappointment as I had been hoping for Nigel Farage on why the Belgians reinforce the case for Brexit; top fan Jonathan Acworth on his master plan to save the club; and Derek from Dymchurch on why he is perpetually miserable.

Gnomes and elves will be out around The Valley selling the new issue from 1 p.m. on Saturday.

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Unknown said...

im going sit down hopefully sunday and contact some more people weather they put money in is another question but if u dont try you dont get ive supported this club long enough and all that hard work we did back in the 90s will be of waste if rd stays we need our charlton back one way or other we need fans turn on richard murray the main cause for the clubs demise at present.Richard murray is the problem at the club bad decissions since 2005 i even tried contacting simon jordan last night in spain just to get rid of this bloke out of our club both hate each other with a passion