Thursday 25 February 2016

Yann Kermorgant 'gutted' at Charlton's plight

As Yann Kermorgant prepares to return to the club with Reading on Saturday, he says that he is 'gutted' at Charlton's plight. The club has been 'wasted' by its owners: Yann Kermorgant

The Football Supporters' Federation have weighed in with a critical article about what is happening at the club: FSF


Unknown said...

It's all very sad especially for those "customers" who SUPPORT the club and attend every match. RD is not the only owner whose knowledge of the game and ability to run a football club properly is questionable. I recall a chapter in one of Eamonn Dunphy's books where a Director's knowledge of a football club consisted of a blank page ! My main concern is that RD may be an " asset stripper" . Non league clubs such as Dartford and Maidstone serve as a recent reminder of the consequences of such conduct. As for KM she is only an serf who will be dispensed with by her master when it suits him to do so.


reason why Kermit went to pay for the new pitch 800k simples