Wednesday 24 February 2016

Riga: 'I can only master what I can master'

José Riga has said that he had no say in the decision that Jason Euell would step back from first team coaching duties. Apparently, Euell was unable to agree terms with the club.

Simon Clark has now stepped up to a first team coaching role: Riga helpless


Unknown said...

Well riga so far im not impressed with your return to the club u say that u are helpless but why carry on making the same mistakes match after match?
Defending corners is a big problem for us recently surely u put 2 big players on at either post yet again we conceed a goal from a corner at preston sorry but the buck stops with some of the players as they have clearly given up the fight and should be dropped.Henderson form this month has been very poor very weak kicking which keeps going to the attacking player his decission making has also been poor.Fox has a poor game after poor game how many chances are you going give this player?HE DOESNT DESERVE TO BE ANYWHERE NEAR THE FIRST TEAM! every fan can see this apart from the management why ffs its costing us and also drop that useless pile of crap big mack and gudmondson heart is not in it simple so next match drop henderson,fox,gudmondson and big mak


peter varney reveals backers still want take over lets all target mr murray hes the problem