Friday 25 March 2016

Blues thank Charlton

Michael Morrison returns to The Valley with Birmingham City next Saturday and the Blues take the view that they need to thank Charlton for their wasteful transfer policy. Manager Gary Rowett reckons that Morrison was the best signing of his career: Morrison

Yes, but we have Roger Johnson.


Scoops said...

That article (the link) actually sums up everything that is wrong with the naive and misguided, inexperienced regime we have to suffer. I believe the phrase that could be used to describe the outgoing versus incoming player history since RD took charge would be 'false economy'

Unknown said...

Morrison is much missed. A decent reliable good hearted footballer who gives his all. His departure is another example of all that is wrong under the current regime. No worries....just leverage the club with more debt to try and rectify your mistakes ! Arguably an owner with a "hands on" approach to his business and a knowledge of football would not have sanctioned this move.
As for I detect Wyn is being facetious ?