Tuesday 15 March 2016

FA to probe behaviour of Charlton fans

The Football Association is to investigate the behaviour of Charlton fans after Sunday's match against Middlesbrough was interrupted several times: FA Probe

I sense that referee Darren Dreadman, who usually demonstrates that he is charge of a match by repeatedly flourishing yellow cards, was none too pleased with the expressions of customer dissatisfaction.

Apparently, the extraordinary statement on the Charlton website was not hacked, but is for real.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt describes the statement, evidently written by Roland himself, as an 'own goal': You didn't really want to do that


Lungrot said...

The FA should be probing the owner and CEO of our football club and considering whether they are fit and proper to run one. If it wasn't for them these demonstrations wouldn't be happening in the first place.

Kentish Man said...

Oh dear. Any risk of a points deduction? Assume it will be a fine and a stern warning.

Wyn Grant said...

Very surprised, and a travesty, if it was a points deduction.

John said...

Could it be me with my half empty glass but could the Belgian git be planning to run our beloved club into the ground. The Valley is prime real estate. John Walker.

Unknown said...

CARD should open an investigation, into why supporters were chanting abuse at there own supporters, as the fans left at full time "Where were you when we walked out" "Traitor" & Hand gestures. Thought it was bang out of order. those fans should have been singing "Come joins over here"
I Thought CARD's Policy was to give the fans a free choice on weather to protest or not.

& yes i do want rolly out

Wyn Grant said...

Re John's comment, the demolition costs would be too great, plus there is an outfall sewer running underneath. RD's vision (or 'fantasy') is a football one, albeit highly flawed. CARD needs to be careful not to divide fans.

Unknown said...

Perhaps RD and KM could be summoned to appear before a House of Commons Select Committee to answer the terrible conditions that the "weird" customers are subjected to ?

Unknown said...

Regret to say that the FA has a reputation for being known as the "sweet FA ! "

Unknown said...

Good comment. Such behaviour can only serve to create division and lose sight of the common goal. Many governments have thrived on "divide and rule" and RD and KM will be keen to exploit any weaknesses in CARD's campaign. And yes I want RD and KM to go !

Selsey Addick said...

Selsey Addick

I agree with Kevin Barton's comments. None of us are happy with the regime but the other part of the CARD slogan is "support the team". That's what we should be doing inside the stadium. A walk-out,throwing things on the pitch and blowing whistles is not supporting the team it is just disrupting the game (and we will probably be fined at the very least) and distracting the players from their objective of getting three points.

Nor do I like the "stand up if you want them out" chants as again this is distracting us from supporting the team. The obscene songs about the CEO are also totally inappropriate, surely we don't have to resort to ritual abuse, once we do that we have lost the moral high ground and the argument.

Protest by all means but please keep it outside the stadium so that we can concentrate on the main objective which is to "support the team".

Selsey Addick said...

None of us like the regime but the other part of the CARD slogan is "support the team" and that is what we should be doing inside the stadium. Walk-outs, throwing things on the pitch and blowing whistles disrupt the game and distract the players from their main objective - getting the three points. We will probably be fined at the very least following Sunday's events.

I also don't agree with the regular chant of "stand up if you want them out" as this again is distracting us from supporting the team. The obscene song about the CEO is also totally inappropriate, if we resort to this level of abuse we are losing the moral high ground and the argument.

If people want to demonstrate outside the stadium then fine, as long as it stays within the law, but let's keep to CARD's original stated intention of "support the team" when inside the stadium.

Unknown said...

Looks like KM has also taken issue with 'fans' behaviour on Sunday. Is it me or does anyone else get the impression this was written after a 'few' glasses of red. Perhaps we need a new Communications Director ......


James O'Brien said...

Worryingly it appears to be a genuine club statement (KM's skin may be thinner than we realised). No attempt has been made to remove it from the official website or to refute the statement so I think we can assume this wasn't someone maliciously hacking the website.

I agree with the comment above that we shouldn't stoop to making crass/obscene personal slurs against the CEO but it's hard to conceive of someone running a football club who could be more out of their depth. KM has to go, it's becoming embarrassing for both her and the club.

Robin Reliant said...

I can't believe that a PR professional was involved in this statement and it does indeed read like the personal effort of a certain Belgian lawyer after a glass or two, in which case it is the first indication that the Gruesome Twosome are rattled. Keep up the good work, everybody!

Luv Robin

Unknown said...

nothing will happen the fa know exactly what is going on with our clueless board they support us and not them me thinks ,the fa will eventually suspend rd from owning the club under fit and proper person thingy...we hope!

Unknown said...

Agree with Selsey Addick. I too am very unhappy with the ownership and management.
However, as Selsey says we should confine our protests off the pitch outside of the 90 minutes play. We could finish up paying dearly for the various in stadium activities against Middlesbrough.
As somebody said, if we are not careful CARD's approach may finish up being divisive and counter productive with some fans berating others. I recall attending an important game at Villa a few years back when our crowd was a bit on the quiet side (reflecting the game at the time) and a small noisy number of "fans" coming behind the main section of the crowd and being openly;y pretty offensive of the others who were trying to watch the game (unlike them). I recall contacting the VOTV editor at the time and not even getting a response.
Any protests should not lose focus on the issues and avoid descending into a Trump style personality crusade wanting to wipe the smiles off KM's and RD's faces.
And : Wynn: what's the likelihood of a points deduction for some of the ill considered protests inside the ground.

Unknown said...

In the current climate supporting the team is protesting during the game. If we don't the downward spiral will continue for years to come. The sooner this regime change their approach or leave the better.

We have been forced to do this as no other mechanism of communication with the owner is open to us. How would we protest at the end of the season? Will thousands travel to the Valley in July to demonstrate their anger, would the owner have any interest if we did. Of course not.

I won't return to the Valley this season, but I will attend away games.

I've spent a lot of time considering if this is the right thing to do. It is.

RD will only listen to us when he realises he has no choice, no choice because revenues tank, no choice because games are interrupted (intelligently and legally), no choice because fans like me, my family and you are not prepared to accept the destruction of our club, no choice because we won't accept this regime, no choice because he is losing more money.

I agree with those posts who warn that CARD must ensure it is not divisive, the protests should not be personal, nor sexist but we must protest. Attending games and pretending that nothing is wrong until after 90 minutes will only prolong our misery. We are already paying dearly.