Tuesday 8 March 2016

Bore draw at The Valley

MK Dons won an early free kick at The Valley but Pope claimed it confidently. Maynad managed to get into the box, but his effort was tame. Charlton were defending deep from the off. It was a nervous start for the Addicks on a wet evening.

A good shot from Gudmundsson was blocked on five minutes.

Suk Young put in a dangerous cross, but it was cleared.

Murphy went to ground easily looking for a penalty, but the referee ruled that it was a goal kick.

Harriott put in a good run going round three players but he was unlucky when his last touch ended in a goal kick.

Charlton had a spell of possession in the opposition half, but Fox put the ball in the Jimmy Seed.

Motta’s cross was headed behind for a corner after good interplay between Harriott and Motta. Gudmundsson’s delivery was poor and the ball was cleared.

Motta put an excellent ball across the pitch to Gudmundsson, but the ball was claimed by Martin clad in green in the Dons goal.

The visitors won a corner. Gudmundsson intercepted and got the ball away.

Charlton couldn’t break MK Dons down. The visitors were defending in depth and Charlton couldn’t get behind the back four with a pedestrian build up. A shot from Murphy went wide.

Pope made a poor clearance and then a decent save at the expense of a corner. The Addickted chanted for Sanogo who was felt to be incapable of starting two games in a few days.

Tex did well to put the ball behind for a corner. The ball was headed clear.

Gudmundsson got in behind, but Martin smothered the ball.

Harriott won Charlton a corner after the impressive Motta linked up with him well. Gudmundsson over hit the ball and it went out for a goal kick.

Charlton had a quick counter attack and Cousins put in good work, but Makienok and Suk-Young were both poor.

The first half ended unusually on 45 minutes. It had been uninspiring, but the Covered End gave the team a rousing cheer.

HT 0-0

Bowditch got a yellow card for a foul on Suk-Young. Play continued to be scrappy and lackimg in quality. The Covered End again chanted for Sanogo.

Great defending from Tex with Palace loan player Williams going down by the hoardings.

Williams was taken off and Hall came on. Tex had a header on target. A shot from Cousins was just inches wide of the post, after good work by Harriott. The crowd came alive. Pope had to make a great save from the substitute Hall. The Addicks just about dealt with the corner.

Harriott, rather surprisingly came off and kicked away the ball in frustration. There were boos followed by applause as Harriott kicked the dugout. There were chants of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ from the Addickted. Sanogo came on. Gudmundsson went on the right in a 4-4-2 formation.

A nasty challenge by Bowditch on Tex went unpunished. Bowditch was taken off and Reeves came on.

The visitors won a corner, but it was cleared. Maynard was replaced by Revell.

Poyet came off and Bergdich came on. He got a round of applause from the MK Dons fans. Bergdich went on the left and Suk Young switched to the right of midfield.

The visitors had a big chance, but Fox somehow blocked Hall’s shot from eight yards. The fans started to chant Lookman’s name, but a deal has probably already been done for him and he can’t be injured.

Bergdich put in a great ball, but it somehow squirmed past Sanogo. It was arguably the best chance of the evening for the Addicks.

Charlton won a corner. Gudmundsson’s corner was poor and it ended in an offside decision. There was the biggest cheer of the night as Makienok finally came off and Lookman came on.

Lookman struck the ball off a defender’s hand, but no penalty was awarded. Charlton won a corner. A second corner followed. A shot from Sanogo was blocked. MK Dons broke and won a corner. They then got a second. Pope claimed it.

Lookman won a free kick. It was taken by Lookman, and it was a good delivery, but the keeper claimed it. Lookman won another free kick. It was delivered to the near post, but went out for a corner. Four minutes were added on. A second corner followed. Word came through that Rotherham had gone ahead against Boro.

Yet another cynical foul on Lookman and Carruthers was booked. In the final minute Carruthers put a great chance over the bar.

Sanogo was sent off in the final minute for elbowing a MK Dons player off the ball.

Charlton had a final corner but it was headed away.

A draw was the result I feared tonight and the Franchisees got what they wanted. Lookman made a real difference when he came on, but there was a lack of quality in the final third.


Unknown said...

It's a sorry tale. The seeds sown by RD and KM are reaping a bitter harvest. You cannot suceed in the long term if you run your business on shifting sands. The continued policy of using loan players is a dubious one. There is no stability. Sadly there are too few players like Johnny Jackson who show loyalty and commitment to the cause. It's something you can't buy. In the days before match stats whenever Shankly was looking to sign a player for Liverpool he looked at their injury record and enquiries were made as to their off the field activities ! Belt and braces approach paid dividends.
Brexit ? I'm in favour Rolyexit !