Thursday 17 March 2016

Mel Baroni resigns

Mel Baroni has resigned as Comms director at Charlton after just 46 days in office. The club had previously been without someone in post for two and a half years. Presumably the hideous statement on the club website was too much.

Fans who met her spoke well of her. She visited the museum early in her tenure to familiarise herself with club history.

Incidentally, coming out of York Railway Station today, I was confronted by a large poster which said 'Charlton Nil. SE7.' It was, of course, advertising a Jim Davidson tour.


Unknown said...

You have to give credit to Mel Baroni for not being a sycophant ! Sadly her position was rendered untenable by RD .
One wonders exactly what are underlying reasons for John Little's resignation ?
RD's behaviour is reminiscent of a baby boy throwing his toys out out of his pram. Sadly the acquisition of power and wealth are not always linked with an ability to act responsibly and competently. The danger is that the beast is angered and riled . Who knows what will happen next ?

Unknown said...

Where in Cyprus are you ExpatCyp? Always a good read Wyn many thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Wyn. I'm in the Paphos region. I reside in a mainly agricultural area. Only trouble is that the produce grown reminds me of the mindset of RD and KM.....bananas !

Unknown said...

Hi ExpatCyp my name is Rob and my wife and I moved to Cyprus in November 2014 we live in Drouseia Paphos 8700. Perhaps we can get together for a drink sometime to discuss our memories of times at The Valley etc. You can contact me on e-mail address if you want.

All the best.

COYR {...}!!!