Tuesday 29 March 2016

Fifa fine network club

Fifa have fined network club Sint-Truiden for breaching its third party rules.

Fifa state on their web site, 'Club K St Truidense VV of Belgium was sanctioned with a fine of CHF 60,000, a warning and a reprimand for breaching art. 18bis and art. 18ter par. 1 (2015 edition) of the Regulations. The club was found to be liable for entering into contracts that enabled a third party to influence the club’s independence in employment and transfer-related matters and entering into an agreement that assigns rights to a third party in relation to the future transfer of a player.'

So was the third party Roland?

Borja Garcia of the University of Loughborough has tweeted that the fines are relatively minor, but should be seen as a signal to clubs.


Unknown said...

Should we be surprised by this ? It only goes to confirm the very real need for all CEO's to be experienced in their role and have full knowledge of the rule book. And.....not to be a monkey to the organ grinder !

peterS said...

Hi Wyn,
Not posted on your excellent blog for a long time (possibly since a Kevin Lisbie defense) but it is the first Charlton related site that I click on every day - always well written and fair.
I am writing today to ask for your help. In your post
you include a link to your source as you rightly always do, that goes to a Dutch article. However this article when translated does not include the part about 'in addition to the work at Van Hamme I will also continue to undertake analyses and scout for the network, just as in the past half year. I will also have a coordinating role for his network'- in fact it is not in the article. May I ask where this alleged part of the interview came from?
I would not bother you but it has been used to imply that Karel Fraeye was an important part of the scouting and recruitment for the whole network before as well as after he joined Charlton with Riga in March 2014.
I would really appreciate your help in this.
Kind regards
Desperate Pete

PS. I am not sure about how any follow up comments are sent Wyn but my 'normal' email is peter.stickels@blueyonder.co.uk

Wyn Grant said...

The short answer is that I do not know immediately, but I will look into it.