Tuesday 9 July 2019

Bowyer hopes for Bielik boost

Lee Bowyer is still hoping that he can get Krystian Bielik back to Charlton on loan again, despite reports that he intends to leave Arsenal and seek a permanent contract on the continent. The rumour mill says he is going to AC Milan.: Bowyer has his say

Usually reliable sources are indicating that Roland is trying to operate on his L1 budget and use the extra revenue to narrow or eliminate the operating loss. A takeover before the transfer window closes is thought to be unlikely. If that is the case, we will need luck as well as team spirit and Lee Bowyer's skill to stay up.

I see that AFC Wimbledon are using crowdfunding to help with the cost of their new stadium: Crowdfunding

A decent owner at Charlton might well be able to get fans to contribute to a specific project, particularly with novel incentives of the kind offered by Wimbledon.

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