Saturday 3 August 2019

Feature article profiiles Lee Bowyer

The Times this morning has a feature article profiling Lee Bowyer, accompanied by a smiling photo of the supremo.

Referring to the chaos over his own contract, 'Bow' says: 'Duchatelet didn't realise how much the Championship had improved. I don't think he was up to date with how much it's moved on, what players are earning and what managers are earning.'

'My aim is to stay in the Championship and try and become an established side. A lot of it depends on whether the club gets sold because the owner has said he wants to keep the budget as low as possible to make it more attractive, which makes it more difficult, but we'll be ok.'

Bowyer says that he believed that the Wembley final would go to extra time, but as Charlton were fitter than Sunderland he was never worried.

Bowyer says that he has only been able to spend five days fishing at Etang de Bows in France's Champagne region this summer. He has been to France every summer for the last 20 years.

'If I'd stayed in the game I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I am now. Taking that step away for five years, it made me hungry.'

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