Friday 16 August 2019

Otzumer signs two year deal

Ehrun Otzumer has signed a two year deal at Charlton. Richard Cawley of the SLP notes, 'Patience personified by all parties for this one. Charlton tried to get him last January and then there has been the lengthy wait for him to get free of his Bolton Wanderers deal.'

The 28-year old local lad born in Greenwich started as a youngster at Charlton, but was let go for being too small. He subsequently played for Dulwich Hamlet.

Career details here: Otzumer

A Charlton fan who also follows Dulwich Hamlet said, 'I am absolutely ecstatic about the signing of Erhun Oztumer. You won’t believe how small he is and you won’t believe how good he is. The only reason he didn’t do better at the Hamlet was the other players weren’t good enough to keep up with him. If Lyle and the rest can get onto his wavelength we could be in for a massive season.'

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