Saturday 7 September 2019

Gallen: 'Unbelievable' fans will help keep Bowyer

The SLP's Richard Cawley has undertaken an extended interview with Steve Gallen: On becoming a Charlton director

Gallen thinks (reasonably enough) that Charlton fans trust him. Of the fans, he said, 'I’ll tell you what does really help – the fans, and how good they are. It helps everyone here. They have been unbelievable. Because they have had a few years of bad times, now they are seeing some good times and are overjoyed about it.'

'I love seeing that sort of togetherness and enthusiasm. That will help keep Lee. When other clubs are asking about you then you think of the fans who are starting to come back here.'

He says that a takeover was close in the summer. 'Unfortunately it looks like that has gone back into the background. It will still come back, I just don’t know when.' He added, 'New buyers, who are maybe close, might be thinking of their own director of football, for example. Certainly they’ll be thinking of their own chief executive – that is something that is needed, for sure.'

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