Tuesday 3 September 2019

Steve Gallen appointed as director

In a move welcomed by Charlton fans on social media, recruitment guru Steve Gallen has been appointed as a director of the club. In many respects he has been functioning as a de facto chief executive. He is the first director with footballing experience since Derek Ufton.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has commented from his Ramsgate fastness: 'Wonder if this is connected with disappearance of Lieven de Turck. Told recently the Belgian has not been seen at The Valley since the play-off final.'

Personally any signs of a glimmer of sanity by the barmy Belgian are welcome. Perhaps he thinks another promotion is possible, but then he would just put up his asking price again.

Roland has commented, 'Selling the club remains our number one priority and it is important the football doesn’t suffer during that process, with Steve on the Board of Directors that can only help.'

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