Tuesday 17 March 2020

Charlton running out of money?

With no matches until at least April 4th, and probably not after then, there are concerns that Charlton may not be able to pay salaries for much longer: Coronavirus puts extra strain on funding

Although Tahnoon Nimer has won his battle with Matt Southall (although he says that removing him has taken 'longer than imagined') his takeover of the club has still not been approved by the EFL as they await proof of funds.

Nimer's lawyer says that he is currently 'flying', although where to and by what means of transportation is unclear.

Nimer has recently posted on Instagram thanking staff for their efforts last week and their 'admirable behaviour and display of character'. He states that he and his team are focused on Charlton's future. The reaction of supporters made him forget about backing out of the deal. Once a new board of directors is appointed, an announcement will be made (I know of one fan who has been sounded out).

Richard Cawley of the SLP has tweeted: 'For those in doubt about what has prevented the EFL from approving the deal - it's been the same sticking point from January. Source and sufficiency of funding. What isn't in doubt is this situation can't continue without it having serious consequences for CAFC. My understanding is that no money has been put into the running of the club since the back end of November.'

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