Monday 9 March 2020

ESI ownership in peril

Now confirmed reports are saying that ESI's ownership of Charlton has collapsed. It is a dangerous situation for the club which is now in real jeopardy. Richard Cawley has said there is no reason to believe that the Instagram posts are not by Tahnoon Nimer.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has tweeted: 'Have heard that Southall promised and failed to raise other funds. Also points to another gross failure of due diligence by Duchatelet. Which shouldn’t be a surprise.'

Everitt added: 'Concern would be that the club goes into administration and Roland will still be demanding £50m for the freeholds, which no one in their right mind will pay. Puts Valley at risk.'

'Have been questions on recent days about whether EFL ever approved takeover. Big questions for them here regardless if this is as bad as it looks.'

Richard Cawley of the SLP has tweeted: 'Worth remembering that Nimer was the financial backer on the ESI bid. So not clear where this leaves the club financially if he has withdrawn his support.' The judicious journalist added, 'Lot of accusations flying around - legally have to be very careful! One thing that isn't in dispute - what an absolute mess.'

A club statement was anticipated by 11pm, but the website is now undergoing 'essential maintenance'.

Nimer has said that he discovered that the club's resources had been exploited in a wrong and immoral manner and therefore he has withdrawn the purchase. 'I wish you all the best.' Jolly decent of him.

Tahnoon Nimer has now resigned as a director. The club has stated, 'Following the events of March 9, his position is now untenable and the board has no option but to accept his resignation.'

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