Monday 23 March 2020

Come back, Roland, all is forgiven?

The social media war between Tahnoon Nimer and Matt Southall is hardly an edifying spectacle to say the least and one can understand why some ex-directors might consider we would be better off with Roland back in charge.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has commented, 'The question people should really ask themselves is, if Southall and Nimer are as dodgy as each implies of the other, why did they ever get involved with each other, and why did Heller get ever involved with either of them?'

Southall is now claiming that Nimer planned to demolish The Valley and build 1,000 flats, using the receipts to pay Duchatelet and moving Charlton to Crystal Palace while building a stadium on the Greenwich peninsula. This sounds like a fantasy made up a mixture of past events and half formulated plans.

Meanwhile, Romanian news website Pro Sport is reporting that Matt Southall is being investigated for 'ordering a murder' on Tahnoon Nimer’s lawyer Chris Farnell. This would imply that being a lawyer is a more hazardous occupation than many of us realised. However, Louis Mendez has 'Just had a quick look through the expenses list leaked by Nimer, but it doesn’t seem to mention “hitman” anywhere.' Whilst I have never had occasion to hire a hitman, I would have thought that they don't come cheap.

The report is in Romanian, but if you know any Romance languages, you can get the gist of it (usefully it includes a link to a service for exchanging confidential documents with lawyers): Hiring a hitman

The rather long and florid headline states: 'Mega-scandal at the club in England taken over by Claudiu Florica. Novel discoveries in Charlton's accounting. Former president is under investigation for ordering a murder.'

Mendez notes that there are 'Plenty of interesting costs listed in there. Modish Decor, a Cheshire based design company being one. No idea if that can be linked to [a] house, currently being refurbished. Also a large payment to 17media is listed - appears to be a company where Southall’s wife Jade is active.'

Some of this borders on the ludicrous and farcical, but it is damaging the reputation of the club at a time when it is already not well regarded by the EFL. It also does nothing to sort out the many challenges we face on and off the pitch.

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