Thursday 26 March 2020

Sad death of super fan

Saddened to hear of the death of super fan Seb Lewis who completed 22 years of consecutive Charlton games. He was 38: 1000 in a row

Referring to 'one of our family gone', Big Dave Lockwood reflected the thoughts of many when he tweeted: 'Charlton won’t be Charlton without Seb. Owners players staff come and go but fans are constant, Seb was the ultimate fan. Everywhere Charlton went he went. It just won’t be the same.'

Matt Wright tweeted: 'Horrendous news that Charlton's most loyal supporter has died due to the coronavirus. A huge loss for everyone connected with Charlton, but most of all his family and friends. When life resumes many things just won't be the same.'

Lee Bowyer has led the tributes to Seb: Super fan

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