Friday 13 March 2020

Lockyer may not get a chance to make his point

Tom Lockyer reckons that the current boardroom crisis at Charlton could be turned to the team's advantage: Other sides will say we are done for in survival battle

Lockyer is back in the side after serving a two game ban. His dad told him that he was letting decisions by referees affect him too much.

Lockyer admits that players with families and children have been more affected by the prospect of the money drying up, but he commented: 'There are no more reinforcements coming in but the team all believe in each other and believe we’re capable of staying in the league. We’ll pull together, stick together and ignore everything off the field. Like I said before, it’s easier for some to do than others.'

He added: 'If anything it makes you want it a bit more – you look at everything going to pot, so why not say: “Eff them all, let’s do it for us’."'

He may not get the chance to make his point as the EFL are meeting this morning and Richard Cawley thinks that all games this weekend may be called off. It is being suggested that games will be suspended for three weeks.

All matches have now been suspended until 3rd April, meaning that our first home game would be against Millwall if there are no further postponements.

You can read my assessment of the postponements here: Football and coronavirus

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