Wednesday 12 August 2020

Farnell speaks out - and Ramsgate replies

The tireless Richard Cawley of the SLP has reported the following statement from former Charlton lawyer and director Chris Farnell: 'I have been informed by one of the club’s directors that my relationship with Charlton Athletic FC has been brought to an end.  It was always my intention to provide Charlton Athletic FC with legal assistance and advice in my capacity as a lawyer, for a short period. I was never a director or owner of the football club, nor was I ever intending to be.'

'Once it became clear that one of the consequences of the boardroom dispute at Charlton was it’s likely expulsion from the football league, I focused my efforts on trying to facilitate the orderly running of the club as best I could in what were very challenging circumstances.'

'The significant work undertaken, against the back drop of intense speculation, much of which was inaccurate and misinformed, I believe greatly improves the prospects of Charlton Athletic FC remaining in the EFL.'

'I sincerely hope this is the case and the fans get the stability and success they and their club deserve. I wish them all the best.'   I am sure that Charlton fans will be duly grateful and show their appreciation.

Despite his duties guarding Ramsgate main beach from hordes of sun and sea seeking Nigels, VOTV editor Rick Everitt was quick to comment: 'Was a key error by Farnell becoming a director of ESI, which put him under EFL approval, but in addition he has said himself he put money in.'

The Rickster notes: 'This statement directly contradicts the Chris Parkes statement 12 days ago which said there was “not one mention of the club being expelled” in that day’s EFL meeting and that CAFC was in a “completely different set of circumstances to Bury”'.

He concludes, 'Farnell’s statement is clearly intended to underpin financial demands that he will make on CAFC'.  Surely fans will gladly have a whip round for his out of pocket expenses?


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