Wednesday 26 August 2020

VOTV at the printers

 As usual, Voice of the Valley has been typeset under strict editorial control

The latest issue of Voice of the Valley is at the printers and copies ordered today will be dispatched tomorrow, hopefully to arrive in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.  Little is known about the contents, but one can expect comprehensive coverage of the takeover saga as well as the vapourings of the usual suspects.

Mr A.B. of Norbury writes: 'My postman is a Nigel and he knows ultras from Selhurst.  I don't want him to discover I am an Addick.'   VOTV replies: 'Your secret is safe with us.  Your magazine will be posted in a plain envelope for you to enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your own home.'

Happy Birthday to SLP journalist Louis Mendez.

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