Sunday, 22 June 2008

Addicks Linked with Vauxhall Motors Hot Shot

Charlton have been linked with Vauxhall Motors striker Paul Taylor. A £100,000 deal with Chester City was thought to be imminent, but appears to have run into trouble, and this morning's Non-League Paper implies that Charlton's interest may be the reason. Nottingham Forest were interested in the player last season.

Whilst I know that we go for non-league aces, I still find this story a bit surprising. If he was a central midfielder, it might be more credible.

The NLP also features an interview with new signing Stuart Fleetwood who reveals that Pards had him watched a lot. Pards apparently told him that he was bringing something to the club that none of their strikers had - the ability to find the back of the net? Pards also told him that he was not influenced by age and reputation.

Fleetwood described Charlton 'as one of the biggest clubs in the country and they will be up there again as one of the favourites to get back in the Premiership.' If Fleetwood helps us to do that, he will be a Valley hero. Certainly people in the club think that he is something special.


Anonymous said...

Paul Taylor eh!
Obviously we haven't got enough strikers!!!!!!!
If this is true, i bloody despair.

Ken Jennings said...

And "....Charlton Athletic are, according to Peterborough director of football Barry Fry, said to be chasing Aaron Mclean, the striker who bagged 33 goals for the Posh last season.

Is it Pards' 'cunning plan'? - play with 10 strikers out there :-)

Or maybe he is gobbling them all up for the future?

But if that's the case...oh who the hell knows?

(Thanks for your note, Wyn)

Anonymous said...

"Is it Pards' 'cunning plan'? - play with 10 strikers out there"

Well, it worked for West Brom.

bristol addick said...

Down here in the South-West, we've also been strongly linked with Enoch Showunmi! Still at least at 6ft 5in, it would be someone for Big Chris to look up to!

Hopefully all these rumours are a smokescreen for the real deal - the midfielder we need.

Talking of which, it seems Palarse are about to sign Nick Carle from Bristol City - a pretty good midfielder.