Monday, 16 June 2008

Next season's fixtures

Charlton's season begins on August 9th with a home fixture against Swansea and ends on 3rd May with a home fixture against Norwich. So as with last season's match against Scunthorpe, we start with a team that will be playing above their skill levels in order to get their season off to a good start and show up the 'Premiership' side. No doubt the Jimmy Seed will be full of Taffs exercising their lungs, but at least we will be spared Cyril the Swan who, as I recall, was the only mascot to be red carded after a pitch invasion when a goal was scored.

He also got into trouble at the mascots' Grand National. A police spokeswoman said a person wearing a nine-foot tall swan costume assaulted a 46-year-old woman dressed as a dog during the Mascot Grand National.

Still you have to give him some credit for ripping the head off Millwall's Zampa the Lion and drop kicking it into the crowd. Cyril went on to appear in a local pantomine and released a single originally entitled 'Nice One Cyril'.

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