Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Greg Halford to join Addicks

Various reports suggest that Greg Halford is to join the Addicks on a permanent basis at a fee of around £500,000. I know that many of the Addickted are sceptical about Halford and prefer Moutaoukil, although I quite like Halford.

Richard Murray is hosting a bloggers' evening at The Valley tomorrow and I will be reporting on this event on Friday.


Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced but at £500,000 (and age 23) he may well be very good value.

Anonymous said...

From what I saw from the North Stand last year I think this will be a mistake. Granted we only have one right back at the club now but Halford's passing and positional sense left a lot to be desired. Still, I guess there's always his big chuck to big Chris to get me excited... or maybe not.