Monday, 2 June 2008

Two Premiership clubs in for Zhi

Fulham and Newcastle United are expressing an interest in Charlton midfielder Zheng Zhi. No offer has been made yet, but it is thought that the club would expect £4m. Although he tired a little towards the end of the season, he brought real vitality to a lacklustre midfield and his departure would be a real loss.

Normally reliable sources are reporting that Todorov is to sign a one year contract and not a pay-per-play deal as was rumoured at one point. I think that his loss through injury was a real blow to our season as he had a real ability to hold up the ball. If he is retained, it does cast doubt on the Stuart Fleetwood story.

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Ken Jennings said...

Being 'at large' on the Pacific Rim, I have been actively touting a 'Beckhamesque' type marketing strategy for Zheng merchandise -but 'deaf ears' and 'stony ground' well describe any response from the club.
With the following in chinese communities in North America - and oh yes, about 1.4 Billion people in China, it would be a licence to print money.

If a Premier League club with any marketing nous does get him, just watch what happens.