Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Centurions repulsed

As predicted on this blog, Leamington beat Romulus 2-1 at the New Windmill Ground tonight to keep them on track to win the BGB Midlands Division title. The Centurions found a weak gap in Leamington's defences to go 1-0 ahead on 6 minutes through their danger man Tyrone Fagan.

However, Brakes equalised on 13 minutes through a ball drilled along the ground by Luke Corbett. The Romulus keeper initially seemed to have made the save, but he spilled the ball and it went into the back of the net.

In the second half, Brakes hit saw the ball bounce along the woodwork while Romulus threatened at the Harbury Lane end. However, Brakes scored the winner from a corner wuth a scramble in front of goal. Even at the end of the match, it was not clear who had scored, but no matter.

Romulus brought their usual hard core of lippy supporters, but at least they didn't have paint brushes turned upside down and painted red on their heads.

News came through from The Valley of Matthew Spring's winning goal against Palace. It will be a difficult 24 hours for the Parkinson bashers: not only did the Addicks win, but they did so through a player signed by the supposedly hapless Parkinson.


Anonymous said...

I should have gone to one or other of your matches tonight. Frustrated listening to the, very exciting, commenatry on the derby match, I foound myself looking at the Brakes site for their result. I should have realised that I only had to go to the ACD site for both. Good night all round!! The beginning of the end for Charlton? Sadly probably not, but what a tale if it was.Let's dream till Saturday. Oh to be in the sam position as Brakes


Anonymous said...

Awesome tonight. Those three points were a very long time coming! What was potentially the last meaningful game this rotten season has offered a glimmer of hope. Nevertheless from bitter experience, we all know its the hope that kills you but for now, we, the addickted, are still alive...


Anonymous said...

Yeeha! It wasn't pretty but so, so sweet. Rorke's Drift in the last 15, but Rock lived up his name.

You should have seen Rob Elliott going crazy after the game. One very hyped up geezer.

Pembury Addick

Kings Hill Addick said...


I was impressed with Spring, as I was Soares. The whole team looked confident and up for it.

As for the Parkinson bashers having a tough 24 hours? One dove doesn't make a summer.

The time for those of us that think he is not good enough to eat humble pie will be when he has ten wins under his belt.

Remember that his stats in the league after tonight are still W1 D3 L8.

Still, fair play to him for beating Palace.

For the record I don't want him to fail, I want him to succeed, I just care about Charlton more than I do the manager.