Friday, 30 January 2009

Weekend preview

Last year I went up to Burnley on a cold, wet Tuesday night in February to see us lose 1-0. (It's the first time I've had a chairman of an opposition club contact me to congratulate me on what I wrote about his club). For me that marked the end of our promotion hopes. Little did I realise that we would return almost a year later with relegation staring us in the face.

Morale is not exactly high at Burnley after a poor run in the league and they seem strangely unconfident about their prospects against the Addicks. I have been to Burnley when Charlton were not playing and one thing that strikes me about the home crowd is that they get restive pretty quickly if things aren't going their way.

One hopes that the victory against Palace has given the team a much needed confidence boost. Nevertheless, I feel a strong gust of realism sweeping off the moors and I fear that the result will be Burnley 2, Charlton 1.

Leamington face AFC Sudbury at the New Windmill Ground tomorrow and once again we will be the only Charlton blog covering the match. The Suffolk outfit have a reputation as a good footballing side.

Brakes are now 19 points clear at the top of the BGB Business League Midland Division which is a reasonably comfortable lead to have at this time of the season. However, supremo Jason Cadden has declared that nothing less than 100 points will be good enough, so there is still a lot to achieve. Our forecast is Leamington 3, AFC Sudbury 2, attendance 624.

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Mark said...

After your article on Palace fans whinging about over-zealous security towards them on Tuesday night, it was ironic to read Jordan congratulating our security in today’s Times.

Me thinks our security have their priorities all wrong!