Friday, 23 January 2009

Relegation haunted manager resigns

The most likely relegation candidates in the Championship apart from Charlton are Southampton. Manager Jan Poortvliet has shown some Dutch courage and resigned.

I had one enjoyable footballing moment today when our local Derby supporter asked if they could send Luke Varney back. He claimed that any deal was void as Charlton had claimed that Varney was a striker.


Anonymous said...

You are a tease Wyn. We read the headline and start to hope..

Pembury Addick

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

The sale of goods act is very clear on the issue. If a vendor in any way gives the purchaser the impression that a certain item is for a particular purpose and it proves not to be then the item must be returned for a full refund 'Not Of Merchantable Quality' is the test. Whoops
The Misrepresentation Act enshrines the same principle to transactions of all types not just the sale of goods. Whoops again.
Charlton may cry "caveat emptor" and they may have good reason, Derby had plenty of opportunity to test and assess the merchandise. Phew. I reckon they can claim extenuating circumstances, Paul Jewell did the deal which means Derby should claim 'diminished responsibility' on the grounds of an unsound mind making the decision.
Of course we all know full well that Luke only pretended to be a striker for 9 months with Crewe but has always been a Tier 3 winger. Derby are unlucky that Jewell followed Pardew's warped vision of Varney as a non-scoring striker. Fewer goals than Andy Gray!!! Ferchrissakes!!! He's still better than Ambrose or Sam on either flank too...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could use such breaches of the Trades Description Act and return: