Saturday, 10 January 2009

'We're going down with the Charlton'

This was the ironic chant of the Covered End as Charlton succumbed 0-2 to Nottingham Forest at The Valley today. It was followed by rousing chants of 'Charlton till I die' and 'Valley Floyd Road'.

Charlton had started the match well enough and had been the better team in the opening half hour. In the opening minutes Dion Burton burst away on his own twice, but had no support and was not able to make anything of his attack.

Once Forest went ahead through Tyson just before the half hour mark, followed by a second from Earnshaw through a one-on-one with Elliott minutes later, the game was effectively over. Both goals reflected woeful defending.

All that Forest had to do was to sit back and defend their lead which they did effectively enough. Charlton did not pressure them too much, despite winning a succession of corners in the second half. All too often it was panic stations with an over reliance on the long ball. The Forest keeper was only tested by a late snap shot from Ambrose.

The Silver Bone went to Shelvey who was effective in attack and defence, but in a sense was asked to do too much despite showing a maturity beyond his years. Whichever higher level club he joins will acquire a prize talent.

It is difficult to see how Charlton can now avoid relegation. I'm off to Italy for a meeting for a few days, so I have a chance to forget about Charlton related matters.


Anonymous said...

The chant was actually "You're going down with the Charlton" to the Forest fans, in response to their singing of "down with the Derby" to us.

sm said...

Which genius decided to resort to the long ball game after we went 2-0 down - when we only had one 5foot 9 forward and the Forest central defenders never looked remotely bothered by high balls (much like most Championship defences)

Who is responsible for our defensive coaching?

I presume all of those responsible will be donating their considerable wages to charity for this weeks efforts.

Somebody needs to do something and quick.


lesberrysdodgybackpass said...

Have a good break!
Woeful defending sums it up, plus a
blunt attack.

Not sure about Spring, amd little difference, as soon as Semedo went off I thought we were up against it. Hopefully Racon and Zen Zhi can make a difference, if only to win back some pride. A miserable afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I have posted to this site before as I do not have a blogger account. Now that we are relegated can anyone tell in that Burton is a better option than Dickson, or McIverley(or what ever his name is) is better than Youga or Basey. a 16 year old was our best player and the Board are probably hoping someone will buy him. In the course of 24 months the Board and the management have undone all the hard work of the previous 10 years. Parkinson is not up to the job and I have not spoken to one fan who believes that he is. He insists on the likes of burton and Mciverley because he brought them to the club but it just highlights how incompetant he and the rest of the coaching staff is. I think we are destined to spend a number of seasons in division 1. At this rate I cannot seeing us winning a game for the rest of the season. We had nothing yesterday and even at two nil down with nothing to lose we never looked like scoring.
I have never managed a club nor have I coached professionals but believe me I could do a better job than Parkinson. I think the fans have had enough especially with the lack of passion.I hope he reads this and is ashamed of the effort he and the players are showing.

Anonymous said...

The players and management should be ashamed of their spineless and inept performance on Saturday - they should do the decent thing and donate their wages to charity and the groundstaff, who should be taking all the employer of the month awards at present.

Finkle said...

McEverley is better than Youga. He reminds me of Danny Mills with his head down and charge way of attacking and wrestling the opponents to tackle them. Youga couldn't even hit a pass without it going out of touch in the last few games he played.