Sunday, 4 January 2009

Not very inspiring cup draw

Should Charlton beat Norwich in the cup replay, which is not impossible as the margin between the two teams is a very thin one, they will be drawn away to either Orient or Sheffield United in the 4th round (their match was postponed yesterday because of a frozen pitch).

A tie away to Orient might be quite interesting, but the Blades are likely to beat them, even if it takes a replay. This means a match away at Bramall Lane. In other words, not much dosh (40 per cent of the gate) and a likely defeat.


lesberrysdodgybackpass said...

On a note of cheer and having just seen Spamalot - I now 'Always look on the bright side of life' has been sung a few times at Charlton, but perhaps a better song would be 'We're not dead yet!'

Anonymous said...

Not inspiring, but if we can find some form for somewhere, a possible route through to the 5th round which would mean a bit of interest from the Addickted and some more money in the coffers..

Steve0 said...

Let's not get morbidly pessimistic, we've got to start winning a few games soon. Come on Charlton!