Monday, 26 January 2009

Football is not a place for me, says Jordan

On the eve of Charlton's clash with Crystal Palace, owner Simon Jordan has reiterated his desire to find a buyer for the Croydon club. He said with some regret that he had hoped for great success during his nine years as chairman. 'Maybe I've come up short in what I achieved and football is not a place for me any more.'

Now here's a thought. Two clubs in South London up for sale, one in trouble on the pitch but with a good stadium. South London has punched below its weight relative to North London for a long time - although, of course, the richest parts of the city are to the north of the river.

A wealthy entrepreneur sees the potential, buys out both clubs, and the old project of a South London club comes to fruition! Light blue touch paper and retire!


Anonymous said...

Wyn, you're a very naughty boy - Behave!

Eaststander said...

The new franchise could model itself on MK Dons and move to Kent.

Kings Hill Rovers is born.


Very handy for Asda.

Kings Hill Addick said...

No thank you.

Anonymous said...

There's a nice plot of land just as you enter Maidstone. It was supposed to be for Maidstone Utd. But as they are still skint !!!!!!

Why not? Charlton Palace or Crystal Athletic !!!!!!!!

Ugh ----- I feel sick !

Ketts said...

Where's your sense of history gone Wyn,Arsenal,or to be precise,Woolwich Arsenal,are by far the most successful team in London & will always be a South London side.

A Charlton/Palace venture would be shunned by both sets of fans.

AFC Charlton anyone?

sm said...

Since when has Croydon been in London? If they want a decent stadium aren't they planning to spoil the environment and build one in Brighton anyway?