Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sympathy for Nigel Nigelson

Listening to 606 last night, the unmistakeable nasal drone of Croydon came over the airwaves. And indeed it was a Nigel complaining about the treatment that he and fellow Glaziers have suffered at the hands of Charlton fans on Tuesday.

He complained that he had suffered physical and verbal abuse and had not experienced anything similar when following Palace all over the world (presumably when they were in the world clubs championship). Clearly the Nigels are making a campaign out of this to damage Charlton's reputation.

And to an extent it is succeeding. Nigel Nigelson got a very sympathetic hearing from Alan Green who said he was very disturbed by what he had heard. 'I can't see you,' he said (perhaps as well), 'but you don't sound the like the kind of person who would cause trouble.' Somewhat grudgingly, he added that Charlton might have something to say.

The club need to get their side of the story on this out soon. Over zealous stewarding is always a possibility in away ends, but it is difficult to believe that 48 Nigels were ejected for no reason at all.

Palace lost 0-1 at home to Blackpool yesterday despite the Seasiders having former Addick goalkeeper Paul Rachubka sent off after three minutes.


Miles said...

Dear, oh dear - I didn't phone 606 to complain about a Nigel throwing a pint glass at our fans INSIDE the ground at Selhurst last time we played there. Indeed, the person it almost hit was ejected by thier stewards for complaining about it!

I'll be giving Mr Green a call Wyn!!


James said...

After 6 of their 'fans' were sent to prison for violent disorder towards Charlton supporters last October I'm quite suprised the Nigels expected Champagne and Ferrero Rocher last Tuesday.