Sunday, 15 February 2009

A glimmer of hope

Perth, WA: When I changed planes in Dubai last night, I was not too surprised by Charlton's 2-0 win as I did think we could take apart a faltering Plymouth, but Leamington's 0-3 defeat at home came as a real shock.

The Charlton result does give us a glimmer of hope. The table doesn't look as hopeless as it did. There are a number of teams down there that are in trouble as well. And apparently a superb strike by Racon yesterday, a player I have always rated. It's good to have him fit again.

Of course it could be another false dawn like the win over Palace. But in this warm Perth evening, I am in buoyant mood. And off to drink a beer to the Addicks.


Anonymous said...

Although Plymouth were dire , we played well particularly in the second half when the players were properly introduced to each other .
The big issue (of recrimination) for me is why,why,why has Dickson not been playing and Gray ( aka muffin the mule) has.
Dickson runs at people , beats them for pace , causes havoc , you know like strikers are supposed to .
What have the various management teams been thinking of by not playing him ???

AC said...

I couldn't agree more with the above re Dickson. He did more in 82 minutes than Gray has done in total since his big money move.

Anonymous said...

Plymouth were poor but that was promising.

Dickson was inspired, Racon showed some class and Soares has a decent engine. Other than some confusion early on, the defence looked coherant and solid. Ward is a real precense on the pitch alongside Hudson. Ro be faie I think Kandol linked well with Dickson as well. Solid team display and it bodes well. My faith is returning. Ots going to be tough but a reslt v Barnsley could really see us gain momentum.