Friday, 6 February 2009

Cardiff match off

Tomorrow's match against Cardiff City has been called off after a pitch inspection by referee Andy d'Urso.

I'm off to Australia for three weeks next Saturday, so there will be quite a gap before I see Charlton again, probably no bad thing.

Enjoy the absence of a game!


Anonymous said...

Are any other London games off ? Have we now the worst pitch AND team in the Capital ? ..I will now have to see the in-laws Saturday afternoon ..grrr

Bob Miller said...

Whatever happened to the warm air supported pitch cover?

Wyn Grant said...

We can't afford that sort of luxury any more. Nor do I think that we have the 'whale' which used to take water off the pitch.

Anonymous said...

I believe we still have the 'whale'
Isn't now called Weaver (or is that a bit harsh?)

Anonymous said...

It is convenioent that this game be called off, team out of form, players still hoping to gel,one fit central defender, new loanees due to come in!!!