Friday, 20 February 2009

What's gone wrong at Charlton?

That is the theme of a piece on BBC Sport, although it doesn't really seem to give any answers:

The comments by Charlton fans and fans of other clubs make for quite interesting reading. A Swansea fan comes painfully close to the truth when he says that it's another case of fans of a medium-sized club living in cloud cuckoo land, a phenomenon now starting to appear at Swansea.

A Charlton fan complains about the failure of Curbs to give a chance to the likes of Jamal Campbell-Ryce or Michael Turner but one always to put that in the context of who else was available at the time and the rate at which they developed.

Anyway, it makes a nice break from writing up my notes on the management of Johne's disease in South Australia while the sun streams in through the window.


Anonymous said...

To take a slightly different tack . Having watched us play really well against Plymouth in the second half , silly Phil is making noises about bringing Darren Ambrose back . For heaven's sake NO NO NO !!! . I actually think that Darren ( who is the perennially excellent in training but missing in action during matches) is one of the biggest reasons we got relegated from the Premier and why we are likely to get relegated from the Champ. He saps the energy from the rest of the team.
Whatever you do Phil , DO NOT bring Ambrose back otherwise our goose is well and truly cooked

Kappacino Kid said...

I don't read Phil's comments as Ambrose coming back automatically, but there maybe a time when loanees are recalled (Soares - extends loan another month on a 24 hour call back, and alternatives are injured, so rather than slag the guy off and having to bring back a player with no confidence, why not big him up, tell him he's not in the side because we have a blend and that he will have to fight to get back, just incase. Ambrose has the skill to be our saviour, he just needs to grow some balls!!