Saturday, 21 February 2009

Close but no cigar

As anticipated on this blog - but a prediction I would rather have seen falsified - Charlton drew at Barnsley today. Earlier in the season it would have been seen as a decent result and it was certainly an improvement on our collapse at The Valley.

The results around us went against us and we are now five points behind Southampton. But you can never rely on those. We wrere denied a penalty appeal, but you never get decisions from the officials when you are in trouble.

At least Leamington stormed the seven hills and beat Romulus 2-1 at their own arena. And I'm off to Kangaroo Island for the day.


Jan Becher said...

I have just returned home from the match. All in all they played well in what were very difficult windy conditions. The defence was solid. Racon looked very good, so did Spring. The problems were upfront although Chris Dickson certainly tried very, very hard. For the first 75 minutes we did not look very threatening. The penalty really should have been a penalty and the referee stood right next to it as well. The fans were very supportive and I think this was much appreciated by the players. We should have won. Barnsley were wasting time at the end to hold on and Nicky Bailey seemed disappointed only to have got a draw. Based on the last two performances I think there are reasons for cautious optimism if there are no further injuries, especially if Racon stays fit.

Anonymous said...

I though Admiralty Arch was admirable, and Remarkable Rocks rather remarkable - do you agree Wyn?


Wyn Grant said...

KI was certainly well worth a visit

Goober said...

The game was very poor in the first half and niether team wanted to take the game to opposing side, however, in the second half we saw some positive signs, Hudson and Spring worked well at the back together, they had height strength and an amount of skill, this gave bailey more opportunity to work well further up the pitch. Parkinson is starting to create a respectable championship side from scraps left behind by Pardew. Unfortunately due to our horrendous loosing run, and the gap created, it appears to be too little too late.

lesberrydodgybackpass said...

Jan cautious optimism sums it up nicely, Barnsley are a side we would normally lose to away. Win at home and draw/nick a 1-0 away win may just do it for us.