Friday, 20 February 2009

Injury crisis eases for Tykes

An injury crisis for Barnsley has eased just as they prepare to meet Charlton: Tykes

I've never been to Oakwell and my knowledge of Barnsley is limited which reminds me of Ali G's remark about Wales. 'I don't know much about it, but I hear it's crap.' In my first year at uni I shared a room with 'chuffing' Keith from Barnsley. He was a fanatical road cyclist and this involved the bike being constantly dismantled and reassembled in the room.

Positives for the Addicks are the loan extension for Soares and the return to fitness of Zheng Zhi. However, a draw will be a good result, but not good enough.

I was watching a pre-season Rules game from the MCG (where I have seen a live game) on television last night. A shame that Carlton lost the 'h' in their name otherwise they would be a good team to support. Anyway, they devastated the Kangaroos.

A couple of ideas to adopt from Rules. Could we have goal line officials who give a two handed signal for a goal accompanied by a stern look which they must practice in the mirror? On the other hand, they could be under employed. And could we have throw ins taken by linos over their heads with their back to the pitch? With some linos this could add a comedy element to the game.


Anonymous said...

I have been to Oakwell (Upwell?) and when I went regularly, studying at Sheffield in the 60s, friend from Barnsley, and the atmosphere was quite like Charlton - low expectations of the home team, surprise and elation at a goal or even a good attempt. I wish I could get there for this atmosphere - and a drop of Oakwell Ales before and after. However, Oakwell Ales are served at the Punchbowl in Warwick so I might have one if we get a result there.

I will be looking out for the Brakes/Romulus result as well.


Luv Robin said...

The last time I went to Oakwell was the first time Charlton fielded a team with more black players than white, and the Barnsley support responded with monkey chants. Mid-nineties, incredibly.

As for borrowing rules from other sports, I always find the moment in American Football when the referee stops and explains his decision to the crowd rather charming. It would be an interesting discipline for some of our officials, I think.

Anonymous said...

Even with their better players back, Barnsley are not a good side. Lower middle table at best. That may be way above where we are at present but I see no reason why we should not beat them this afternoon if we have confidence in ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing 'rules' in Melbourne a few years ago. And my opinion was that to play, you have to be incredibly bloody fit. I found it a great spectacle. Which is more than can be said at our beloved Valley.