Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bluebirds' song and dance routine

Enjoy it here: Bluebirds

Whether there will be a match on Saturday remains in some doubt. It's snowing hard here in the Midlands, but weather forecasts for London are somewhat contradictory. Snow and ice on the roads and paths around The Valley has done for a match in the past, but heavy rain would clear it all away.

However, the promised heavy rain has not materialised today and there is a threat of overnight snow. There will be a pitch inspection at The Valley at 12 noon tomorrow.


lesberrysdodgybackpass said...

Lets hope for a break, if we are to have any chance whatsoever we need some our walking wounded back.

Missed the loss to Bristol, any views as to Kandol and Dickson up front, needless to say they didn't score but was there any glimmer of improvement or hope for the future.

Being an athiest can't even rely on a miracle.

Ketts said...

Les-Kandol & Dickson were alright but are not the greatest strikers in the World.Kandol hadn't even trained with the squad but has featured in two games.

The shining light was Racon who will certainly be able to supply them with the bullets then we can fairly judge them.

lesberrysdodgybackpass said...

Thanks Ketts

Dave Peeps said...


No more snow in Charlton as yet and the rain we've had has started a thaw. The forecast looks more like sleet tomorrow and 3 degress and dry on Saturday. I's guess that the state of the surrounding streets is probably the biggest issue. As things stand, there is still a lot of compacted snow/ice which is making things hazardous but I suspect that will be largely gone come Saturday morning. Dave.

charlton north-downs said...

Forecast has changed to a longer period on snow tomorrow for London and the South East. Temps are not expected to rise much above freezing on Saturday.