Thursday, 4 November 2010

Are we up for the cup?

There's an interesting debate going on about whether we should field a weakened side against Barnet at the weekend. The fear understandably expressed is supposing a key player is badly injured by some clogger or falls over running down the slope or gets a red card?

Of the three cup competitions, the one I take least seriously is the league cup. Even if we had beaten Shrewsbury, we would have lost to Stoke. You're not going to get far in it and it is not a money spinner.

There is the possibility of getting somewhere in the paint drying cup. The downside is at what cost to the league campaign? However, the financial rewards do start to build up as one progresses. And I don't really want us to be dumped out of it by the Shrimpers.

The FA Cup is the one I take most seriously. It still have some prestige and if one gets as far as the 3rd round there is a chance of a lucrative tie which would be a real help to us in current circumstances.

My view is that we should rest any player who might be tiring (Dailly?) or anyone carrying a slight injury that could be aggravated. Otherwise, we should put out a full strength side. We want to continue our present momentum with another decisive win.


Anonymous said...

Given that we played the same eleven on Tuesday that started on Saturday, and that no subs were made (on Tues), I reckon we'll be fielding a very different team...

We've got the likes of Sodje who needs a game, Reid who needs a run out, Llera, Worner, etc.

SteveLoveday said...

Agree with you Wyn, we're not ManU picking and choosing what competitions we should take seriously and the financial upside of a cup run would no doubt be welcomed.
Besides I could do with another Wembley trip.

Wyn Grant said...

Steve, it would certainly be good to have another trip to Wembley together, particularly remembering last time. Re anonymous, Reid could well start on Llera might replace Dailly.

Norman Ellis said...

I think we should field our strongest side, we are only 1/4 of the way through the season so tiredness should come in to it, surely.
Christian Dailly could be rested as he's gettingon a but ;) but the rest should be fit, there's always a risk of a silly injury.
I hope we can go all the way in the paint pot competition, it would be a nice reward for all the fans who have kept on supporting us through these last tough couple of years, as good revenue as well which could steady the club.