Monday, 15 November 2010

Positive press

A very positive story about Charlton in The Guardian after the win at Peterborough: Guardian

We now need to keep our focus for the match against Barnet. It might seem an easy task after the win at Peterborough, but we musn't let complacency creep in.


Anonymous said...

well it is the old adage you are never as good as think you are are (at Peterborogh) and never as bad either (Brighton) but it was a great result on saturday and really impressive thing was not the attack but the way the defence held strong as Boro really went for it after the break, there were some good performances at the back Doherty had a good game and Elliot made some good saves -

Hungry Ted said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this story, Wyn. How pleasant it is to see a positive article on Charlton.

I'm not quite convinced our recent good form has rubber-stamped our change in fortunes just yet, but the signs are really encouraging.